Where Do Covington Workers Live?

Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics Data

In a previous post we briefly looked at where Covington residents work within the Cincinnati-Wilmington-Maysville Combined Statistical Area (CSA) using the most recent LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES) dataset for the year 2020. The dataset links home and work locations at the census block-level, making it easy to answer questions about where people work and where workers live.

In this post, we look briefly at where people working in Covington live within the Cincinnati-Wilmington-Maysville CSA. For further details regarding the data that is used here, please see the previous post at the link above.

Heat Map of Home Locations

The heat map below displays the distribution of home locations for people working in Covington within the Cincinnati-Wilmington-Maysville CSA. The City of Covington boundary is shown in black for reference. The heat map can be interpreted as follows from red to blue:

  • red = higher concentration of people working in Covington
  • blue = lower concentration of people working in Covington

It is clear from the map that Covington is the primary home location for people employed in Covington. There are several other notable home locations in Northern Kentucky and Ohio.

Top 10 Home Locations

Within the Cincinnati-Wilmington-Maysville CSA there are 201 Places defined by the U.S. Census Bureau where Covington workers lived in 2020. These can be thought of as municipalities, cities, towns, villages, and boroughs. People living in these 201 Places accounted for 13,120 (71%) of the 18,378 jobs in Covington in 2020. The top 10 Places of home residence for people who worked in Covington is displayed in the graph below. Covington was the main Place of home residence for Covington workers with 16% of the jobs within the CSA, followed by Cincinnati (11%) and Independence (7%) in the top three.

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